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The Surgery, via its Emgager app platform, is gaining reputation as a leading provider of employee Apps to some of the best known organisations in UK and around the world.

What Our Clients Say

The Surgery provided a fantastic service and we are so pleased with the finished product.

With 5,000+ employees already registered on the app it is having a huge impact on how we communicate transformation within National Grid.

Skywise has revolutionized how we engage with General Aviation pilots around statutory safety notification. The user feedback has been amazing.

Emgager Explained

We have designed Emgager to reach, talk to, inspire and engage with your employees using new social techniques in a way that’s become the everyday.

Emgager is a mobile employee engagement App platform designed to be deployed to your employees smart phones and/or tablets, all driven by an online WordPress CMS (other CMSs can be catered for, e.g. IBM Connection and Google Cloud Platform). It has been designed to be cross-platform and is currently available for iOS and Android devices. Emgager has been built to:

  • Enhance and complement your internal employee communication programmes.
  • Stimulate two-way engagement through comment, employee feedback and user generated content.
  • Provide comms tools to help your employees succeed.
  • Create a culture of conversation that drives action and engagement.
  • Control your content output.
  • Reduce cost and be kinder to the environment by replacing printed channels.
  • Provide live, measurable insights around content published.
  • Understand and react to audience behaviour.
  • Demonstrate innovation.
  • Provide personalisation to match any company’s needs.
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Why Go Mobile?

81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their enterprises.
The best companies will be the most mobile.
Tim Cook, Apple CEO
Smartphone users spend 88% of their time in Apps, versus just 12% on the mobile Web.
IAB – commissioned Harris Poll
Mobile access to HR info can be 60% more engaging for employees than traditional web access.
ADP Research Institute
75% of decision makers indicated that deploying mobile Apps had increased worker productivity.
Forrester Survey
7 in 10 people in the UK now own a Smartphone. The number of smartphone owners has reached 72 per cent in the UK, growing by 14 per cent in the last 10 months alone.
The average person checks their mobile device 85 times a day.
Nottingham Trent University

How Emgager Works

  • Emgager Start
    The platform is offered with NO license fee, NO per user fees, just a FIXED price entry point
    The entry level Emgager Start includes:


    Publish official company news, product launches, HR issues and BAU directly to all employees in either written, pictorial, or video form.


    Give employees the opportunity to ask questions, promote ideas and connect with colleagues singularly or in teams.


    Take a quick daily temperature check of your company. Or find out what employees think about recent company announcements, or how they feel about the food in the canteen.


    Send or schedule unlimited and relevant alerts/messaging to your audience.


    • Voting
    • Temperature check
    • Like/share/pin (bookmark)
    • video
    • Download (Word & PDF)
    • User profiling
    • Live insight (analytics/measurement)

    There is then an Emgager Toolbox of additional functionality which can be bought per function, as we have found every client is individual in their end requirement. To find out more click here.

  • Connect
    • Connect with your employees wherever and whenever.
    • Engage with a disparate, multi-location or non tech access workforce.
    • Profile your workforce so they receive content which is relevant to them.
    • Keep your employees up-to-date via a simple user interface.
  • Customisable
    • Emgager can be tailored exactly to the needs of your audience.
    • Mini applications can be built in days, not weeks, to provide specific functionality.
    • Full branding available for every aspect of the platform.
    • The App can be profiled towards Leadership Teams / Middle Management / Employees / Locations / Teams (access level can be based on login credentials).
  • Backend
    • Created to provide authorised administrators a powerful, yet simple tool to securely manage all aspects of the App.
    • Emgager is managed via an online content management system (CMS).


    Employees can access the App with an individual username/password or their company email address. Users can be added and removed easily to ensure only authorized people see your content.


    Easy to use WordPress CMS that allows access, editing and moderation of all App content. Other CMSs can be attached, e.g. IBM Connection or Google Cloud Platform


    Send or schedule unlimited and relevant alerts/messaging to your audience.
  • Live Insight

    In one simple, clear, mobile dashboard your internal communications and leadership teams can access live measurable data on:

    • Number of employees engaged and using the App
    • What they have engaged with
    • Mood of the business
    • Survey/voting results
    • Post feedback
    • Retention/attrition
  • Delivery
    • ‘Emgager Start’ can be released within 4-8 weeks of agreeing a contract to deliver.
    • The App can be continuously developed with upgrade releases coming on a monthly or quarterly basis as required. Additional monthly budget can be set based on expectation/requirement.
    • We host the backend on your behalf.
  • Launch Support

    Internal communications specialist working with you to:

    • Develop your launch objectives and audience segmentation.
    • Develop your key messages and launch plan.
    • Develop launch and environmental material.
    • Develop an on-going content plan.
    • Create and edit content as required.

    Digital specialist working with you to:

    • Provide one-to-one training
    • Manage the back-end and admin.
    • Manage a hotline to help people with registration and other early adoption queries.


We have kept it simple there is NO license fee, NO per user fees, just 4 initial packages at FIXED prices.

If you wish to develop your version of Emgager we have a toolbox of functionality which we cost per function based on individual requirements. Please see Emgager Toolbox for more details. Or contact a member of our team.

Emgager Start

Simple: one-off payment which buys you a copy of the ‘Emgager Start’ for use from 1 to 5000+ employees.

Emgager Start

Cost = £30,000 + VAT

CONNECT (comment)
LIKE/SHARE/PIN (bookmark)
DOWNLOAD (Word & .pdf)
LIVE INSIGHT (analytics/measurement)

Cost includes:

  • Copy of the platform
  • Front-end reskin to your corporate branding
  • Initial content population
  • Backend set-up, user approval process
  • Training
  • Placement on iTunes and Google Play
  • Launch IT support

Cost = £1,500 + VAT

Simple, yearly payment in advance.

Cost includes:

  • Hosting on its own AWS (Amazon Web Services) server instance (monitored in-house by Emgager team).
  • Daily o™ffsite backups of database and files (to remote AWS S3 storage).
Support To Launch

Cost = £6,000 + VAT

Optional, one-off™ payment to help launch your version of Emgager.

Cost includes:

  • Generation of company wide launch objectives and audience segmentation.
  • Generation of your key messages and launch plan.
  • Generation of all pre and post launch comms materials.
  • Our IC team working alongside your IC team to locate content stakeholders and set up content channels and processes.

Emgager Toolbox

Included with Emgager Start:
Broadcast lo’cal company news, product launches, HR issues and business as usual content in written, graphic, pictorial or video form.
Connect (comment)
Give employees the opportunity to ask questions, answer posted topics, promote ideas and connect with colleagues.
Create simple surveys via the CMS then post, record and share responses.
Create voting forms via the CMS then post, record and share responses.
Temperature check
A simple way to judge the mood of your business. Employees are asked once a day if they are happy, sad or… meh.
Like/Share/Pin (bookmark)
Just like Facebook, Emgager allows a user to Like, Share or Bookmark content within the app to stimulate two-way engagement or return to content of interest.
Push notification
Our platform comes with built-in push notifications so you can alert users to updates, latest news or business critical content via the home screen of a users mobile device.
Vimeo, Brightcove and Youtube are all supported, allowing for video content to be pushed out and shared.
Download (Word & PDF)
Enhance employee engagement by being able to upload support files in both Word or PDF formats. Users can then download or view via their mobile device.
User profiling
You can segment and manage your user audience to allow for specific content to be shown to individaul audiences.
Live insight (analytics/measurement)
One simple, clear, mobile dashboard gives your internal communications and leadership teams the ability to access live measurable data.
Emgager Additions:
Emgager has a whole module to support internal or external reward programmes: includes categories, nominations, winners, prizes and judging.
Emgager can be repurposed to become a training support app. Please get in touch to find out more.
Storytelling (content capture)
A user generated content capture module that allows submission of words, video and images to the app's CMS for review and then onward posting.
Set topics or pose a question and encourage user generated content to be shared and commented upon.
Create resources or image driven content via our app’s Pinboard functionality. Easy to curate and maintain.
Event support
Support employee events from pre reading through to post event feedback. Please get in touch to find out more.
Event registration
Integrated web and in-app event registration module designed to aid with delegate management and help create a seamless user experience.
Allows app generated Q&A, voting or user generated content to be shown live on presentation screens during events.
Yammer intergration
Emgager is set up to allow for Yammer integration.
Price based on brief and individual requirement.

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